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Competition results that I done well in

[b]Train Driving Doctor[/b]

Https:// This is the link to Ephotozine page where my mono image is of my Train Driving Doctor
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Vale of Evesham Salon

I have another report card. Today only had one image accepted in the Mono class. It was for my Train Driving Doctor This was an image I did not think would do that well but the jugging panels are changing my mind. I will post link to image soon.
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Links to images at Bristol salon

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Bristol Salon 2016

Just got News in. I have got 3 images excepted in to Salon. One Monochrome image called Train Driving Doctor. I have two images excepted in to Nature (PSA PID) Artic Tern and the other is Scottish Wildcat. A good start to the year.
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Sydney Harbour International

Sydney Harbour International 2015 Acceptances Nature David Hollis Fish Eagle with Fish David Hollis Fish Eagles and a Giant Herron Mono David Hollis Kisses
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Yorkshire Salon

2 more images have been accepted by Yorkshire International Salon one in open for my Cuvier's Dwarf Caiman. The second in Altered Reality and that was Washing money away. Not a bad way to finish 2014.
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Cheltenham International Salon of Photography 2014

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Bristol International
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1st acceptance

I have just started a photo course. I am now working towards a degree, so time on here is less than I would like. I have just started a blog for this Degree. I am now doing The Art of Photography Now I am on my 3rd Assignment which is Colour. If any o
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