DJH Images


16 November 2021 

Today I just read that 47 smethwick international has accepted one of my images into nature section. I called the image In the dust cloud. Is Jet light in the Dark

Just to let you know. I have got into the last 50 of the perma jet light in the dark competition. I understand that they will do an exhibition with some of the best. I do not know if it the top 25 images of top 50. The last round of judging will happen when the judges can meet up with covid rules are not so strict with in the law. The last 50 images are judged on the print we have to send them a printed version in. Fingers crossed that they like mine. Perms jets said over a thousand images were sent to them on line. I feeling good that I have got to the top 50. Thank you all for reading my new update on my blog. Dave

Bristol Salon 2017

 31 May 2017 5:30PM 

After a long delay info is now coming out about Bristol Salon 2017.
I have Light Seed excepted in to Open
I have 2 acceptances in Nature first is In the Dust Cloud the second is Drinking Elephants


Khayyam 2016 International Exhibition of Photograp

 30 May 2017 5:35PM

Hollis, David blown away England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2
Hollis, David train driving doctor England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2
Hollis, David light speed England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2
Hollis, David whitby abbey in flood lights England Accepted/ Rounds 1 & 2

First time I have entered in to this comp in Iran nice to know I done quite well but still I need to learn more and get better.